Direct Mail Controls


Metabolic Defense 

I wrote this piece for Soundview in 2013.  And it beat the existing control by over 20% (in a hyper-competitive market). Right now, it’s still mailing 3-4 times a year.

But as successful as this promo is, it probably won’t stick around too much longer. Why? Well, Soundview recently hired me for a new promo in the same niche. And I fully expect to beat my old control.

After all, the current version of me is waaaay smarter than the 2013 version.  At least I think I am.

I do seem to forget more and more stuff these days…but my copy keeps getting better, so I must be doing something right…right?



This is from 2011.  I wrote this for NatureCity, a great little supplement company based out of Florida.  This was a brand-new product launch, and the client was thrilled with the results.


Sovereign Capital Management

This is part of a larger direct mail “Shock and Awe” package targeting high-net worth investors.  This campaign has been a huge success for my client–to the point he actually started a new business built around this promotion.


Dovetail Development Mailer for Property Investors

As you may know, real estate investments in big business–especially in Australia.  This magalog targets affluent investors who want the high profit potential of real estate development/investment without the risks.  This piece was sent out as a lead magnet, and generated enough calls in the first 30 days to keep my client’s projects financed for years to come.



Special Reports/Whitepapers


7 Questions You Must Ask Your Financial Advisor

This piece was written as part of a national lead-gen campaign for financial advisors.  This has done very well as part of the client’s funnel, and continues to be used as a linchpin of their consumer marketing.



Print Ads


Weight Loss Ad

This was for a major player in the Australian weight loss industry and ran in newspapers and women’s magazines across the country.

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